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I’ve shamelessly borrowed the title of E.B. White’s classic 1949 essay, and I’ve done it because my first views of Lindsay Silverman’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos of New York made me think of White, wandering the city, constantly re-examining its continuing spectacle in the hope that he could put it on paper.


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Trevor Hart
Cosby High School
Midlothian, Virginia

The Roots
Photography courses at Cosby High mean film photography, from image capture to developing and printing. If digital files are needed, prints are scanned. Which doesn’t bother Trevor, who is going into his senior year and third year of photo instruction. The look of film...

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Emily Morgan
Merrimack College
North Andover, Massachusetts

Stage Craft
When we spoke in mid-May, Emily was just finishing her freshman year at Merrimack.

Her work for the college’s Media Center gave her access to the campus production of Rent and the assignment to produce photos for promotion and publicity.

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Susannah Benjamin
Greenwich Academy
Greenwich, Connecticut

A junior at Greenwich Academy, Susannah terms herself a“conceptual surrealist photographer” who is inspired by the faces of her subjects and their possibilities as characters in her dreamlike storytelling—or story suggesting—scenarios.

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Susannah Kay
Analy High School
Sebastopol, California

It was a teacher’s initiative that propelled Susannah’s photography. Two years ago, as a sophomore, she took a basic photo course. “My teacher [Sally Briggs] was submitting my work to competitions,” Susannah says. “One day I got a call that I’d won this...

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Tyler Cacek
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Life Lessons
A freshman at Western Kentucky University, Tyler comes to his photojournalism studies with a head start. He spent the past summer in Africa, part of the time in Uganda as a volunteer for the HALO (Helping Art Liberate Orphans) Foundation, implementing a program he’d...

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Chloe Myers
Columbia High School
Nampa, Idaho

After Image
Chloe was two weeks from graduation when we spoke and is now at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she’s majoring in visual communication design with an emphasis in photography.
Several of the photos here were taken for “broad category” assignments at...

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Emily Schwartz
Lake Highland Preparatory School
Orlando, Florida

Emily was a week away from graduating from Lake Highland when we spoke in mid-May. With an interest in both art and photography—she took a painting and drawing class at the Parsons School of Design in New York last year—she’ll be attending the University of...

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Erik Anderson
Rock Valley College
Rockford, Illinois

All Things Considered
What’s surprising is that formal photographic studies are still in Erik’s future. He began taking photographs less than a year ago. “My dad’s a stringer for the Post Journal in northern Illinois,” Erik says. “He shoots a lot of sports teams...

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Carly Cassara
Souderton Area High School
Souderton, Pennsylvania

Sight Lines
Access is everything if you want to do the kind of performance photography Carly loves to do, and her approach to securing a position at the front of the stage is direct: “I usually e-mail the band’s publicist or manager, or one of the band members and see if they...