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Jay McCabe  |  Jul 01, 2004  |  0 comments

Allison Gretsuk
Hillsborough High School
Hillsborough, New Jersey

Grace Notes

As you might guess from the...

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Brooks Institute Of Photography
Santa Barbara, California

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Andrew Jacobson
Art Institure Of Seattle
Seattle, Washington

Andrew is in the second year of the Art Institute's two-year program.

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Andrew Mo
University Of California
At San Diego

Days At The Races

Andrew, a senior at the university, is an electrical engineering major. He qualifies for this column because he is taking a photography course. It is, however, his first and only photography course: a portfolio class that's open only to seniors with majors or...

Jay McCabe  |  Feb 01, 2005  |  0 comments

Andrew Nosé
Saratoga High School
Saratoga, California

Early Days

All Photos © 2004 Brent Nosé, All Rights Reserved

Andrew might be the youngest student we've ever featured in this column. The photos here were taken while he was a student at Hillbrook School in Los Gatos, California, a...

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University Of The Arts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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Ben Haynes
Herkimer County Community College
Herkimer, New York

The Others

Things got really interesting...

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San Clemente High School
San Clemente, California

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Student Union


Fallston High School
Fallston, Maryland


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Student Union

Texas State Technical College