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"I Don't Like Spiders or Snakes..."
--Jim Stafford

First there were viruses, then spam, now web surfers have to combat parasites that can hijack their Internet...

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All of us take snapshots. Sometimes those snapshots can be turned into very nice portraits. Take a look at one of my snapshots (#1). Actually, this snapshot was taken of my wife Faye and I, one night when we were out celebrating our son's wedding.

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It was my third day in Paris...I was exhausted from miles of walking, the temperatures had dropped to near freezing, and all I wanted to do was get back to the hotel. I had seen this advertisement numerous times around the city but, for some reason, had not...

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Student Union


Tyler Lankford
Moscow High School
Moscow, Idaho

Light And Shadow
When we spoke with 15-year-old...

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While most digital photographers are familiar with JPEG and TIFF formats, the latest format to come down the pike for digital cameras, known as "raw," as it deals with the raw information right from the sensor, is something fairly new. Simply stated: to gain maximum image quality, you...

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Photography is a wide-ranging field that engenders passion in its practitioners, and like all great forms of expression creates opinions formed through experience and reflection. In its early days one of the great debates was: Is Photography Art? This was...

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Picture This!

Picture This! - Our Next Assignment

Vanishing Points
A photograph is a two-dimensional space, but there are many "tricks" for the...

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120 Infrared Film And Modified Meter
Infrared photography can produce unusual, interesting images of many subjects such as individuals and scenes, but just locating film and trying to make accurate meter readings have been annoying problems that may have kept...

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Name/e-mail: Marie Hippenmeyer (
Nationality: Swiss
Shot for: Queen International
Personal website: no

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The first digital camera to incorporate Fujifilm's Super CCD HR (High Resolution) the FinePix S7000 is a full-featured 6.3-megapixel model that can generate 4048x3040 recorded pixels through in camera interpolation. More sophisticated than the earlier Super CCD III, the HR sensor is said...