Gary Fong Puffer Diffusers

Gary Fong, Inc. ( launched an addition to its popular lineup of Puffer Pop-Up Flash Diffusers with the introduction of the Sony and Konica Minolta PufferT. Now available for all Sony and Konica Minolta cameras equipped with a pop-up flash, the Puffer softens the harsh light of an on-camera flash to eliminate shadows and create professional-style diffused lighting perfect for portraits, close ups or eBay product shots. The Puffer’s compact size makes it ideal for travel to a location shoot, family vacation, or for use around the house.

The Puffer works with the in-camera systems to ensure the full capabilities of the camera are maintained, assuring that it will not interfere with flash operation and that all camera modes remain functional. When not in use, the durable, travel-friendly Puffer stores flat and stows easily in a camera bag or even a photographer’s pocket.

The Konica Minolta and Sony Puffer Pop-Up Flash Diffuser is available for $19.95 MAP. For more information on this new Puffer, the existing Puffer line, or to purchase any Gary Fong products, please visit