Digital Camera Swim Mask

International Supplies announced today the launch of a new swim mask that features a built-in waterproof 5.0 megapixel digital camera so you can capture still photos and shoot video underwater, while keeping your hands free as you swim.

These new Explorer Series swim masks are made with tempered glass lenses so they can operate to a depth of 15 feet for taking photos and video while snorkeling, pool swimming, free diving or shallow scuba diving. These digital camera masks come with 16 MB of memory, so users can record up to 27 high resolution images or up to 52 seconds of video, but the mask also features a microSD card slot so you can expand the memory up to a maximum 2 GB if desired. A two GB SD card would allow you to capture up to 3,000 photos or more than one hour worth of video. The camera can shoot 640 x 480 video at 20 frames per second, but without sound.

To operate the camera, users simply turn on the camera using the on/off button on the right side of their temple. An LED inside the mask will indicate whether the camera is in photo or video mode. A red light means photo mode and a blue light is video mode. Instead of an LCD screen for framing, the goggle lenses feature integrated crosshairs painted on the glass so to capture an image, users just line up the crosshairs and press the shutter button. There is a small monochrome LCD inside the mask, however, that will specify how many photos have been captured, battery life, and photo/video status.

To download photos and video, users simply connect the mask to a PC or Mac’s USB port or remove the memory card for downloading with a memory card reader. The masks come with ArcSoft's bundled Photo Impression and Video Impression software so users can edit their content on their PC. The masks require two AAA batteries. With alkaline batteries, the mask can capture a minimum 500 stills and up to 20 minutes of video, but with lithium batteries, the masks can record up to a minimum 2,000 stills and up to two hours and 30 minutes of video. There is also an extra compartment on the right side of the mask where you can store extra batteries or a spare microSD card. The mask also features a 120 second auto off system to preserve battery power. Liquid Image’s Explorer Series underwater digital camera masks are available in both 3.1 MP and 5.0 MP.

For more information on Liquid Image’s camera masks, please visit or call (800) 999-1984.