Zoom in on This Interactive 53,000-Megapixel Image and You’ll Be Amazed at What You See!

Bentley Motors created a mind-blowing 53,000-megapixel image to promote their $330,000 Mulsanne luxury car driving across San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. While the shot above just looks like a nice scenic, if you zoom in on the image with the interactive controls provided, you can actually see the stitching on the car’s sumptuous leather seats. And if you have the patience, you can even count the 4,500 individual stitches in the embroidered headrest logo.

The shot was made using technology developed by NASA for use on the Mars mission, with 700 shots taken from the same location and stitched together. As a result, you can zoom from a wide shot in which the car is barely visible from almost a half a mile away, to the incredible tight shot described above.

The folks at Bentley say if the image were reproduced using a standard print format it would be about the size of a football field. We’re not sure if they mean football football, or soccer football, but you get the idea.

Our advice: Hold on to your socks while checking it out.

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