Zeiss Ikon SW Superwide Camera

The Zeiss Ikon SW is compatible with M bayonet mount lenses, and was designed specifically for use with one of the ZEISS high performance super-wide angle lenses: Distagon T* 2.8/15 ZM or one of the Biogon T* types from the ZEISS ZM range.

An accessory shoe directly above the lens takes the corresponding super-wide Viewfinder 15mm ZI, 21mm ZI or 25/28mm ZI. A second shoe is also built-in to take a flash, a bubble level or other accessory.

The electronically controlled metal focal plane shutter offers speeds ranging from 1/2000 sec. -- 8 sec. in automatic mode (AE-lock is available) and 1/2000 - 1 sec. + B in manual mode. The fastest flash sync speed is 1/125 sec.

The Zeiss Ikon SW offers the same extremely high image quality as the current Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera, which is far above today's digital cameras. It is fully integrated into the Zeiss Ikon system. Since the Zeiss Ikon SW comes without the complex rangefinder mechanism, the price is considerably more affordable than other rangefinder cameras.

The Zeiss Ikon SW will be available beginning October 2006 in a choice of chrome or black finish at a list price of $999.00.

Web: www.zeiss.com/photo