X-Rite Announces July Webinars

X-Rite Photo Marketing announces its upcoming schedule of Webinars that have been developed to address specific color management topics and are designed to appeal to both professional and serious amateur photographers.

New for July are three free Webinars sure to help photographers gain new confidence and to learn quick, easy and powerful ways to enhance their color workflow. Webinar attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the live trainers.

“Anyone passionate about color accuracy and workflow efficiency is encouraged to join our ongoing series of X-Rite Webinars,” said Mark Rezzonico, Vice President X-Rite Photo Marketing. “This month photographers have several opportunities to spend an hour per Webinar learning about the latest capabilities and benefits to the photographer’s workflow of X-Rite’s line of color management tools.”

July Webinar Schedule
7/12/2010 11:00am – 12:00pm EDT
Learn more about the latest Color Management tools of X-Rite: ColorMunki Photo
Participate with X-Rite at this free webinar offering photographers the opportunity to learn more about Color Management and the ColorMunki Photo.

X-Rite’s award-winning ColorMunki Photo is a completely integrated color control solution to calibrate displays, projectors and printers so photographers can get accurate screen to print color matching every time. Combined with ColorMunki’s included creation and communication tools users have unparalleled control for perfect colors on screen and in print every time.

7/13/2010 1:00pm EDT and 3:00pm EDT
RAW COLOR POWER with Adobe® Lightroom® and the ColorChecker Passport
During this webinar X-Rite will show photographers how to bring their digital photography color to a new level. Learn how to quickly and easily capture accurate color, instantly enhance portraits and landscapes, create a color look with one click and maintain color control and consistency. Learn how to be able to achieve superior color results in a fraction of the time.

Webinar registration can be found on XritePhoto.com. Visit the Webinar page found under the Learning section.