What's the Difference Between a GOOD Boudoir Photo and a BAD One?

One of the most important decisions a photographer makes occurs after a shoot. You've shot tons and tons of photos and now you have to decide which ones are good, and which ones are not. Separating the "keepers" from the "junkers" is particularly difficult after a boudoir session, according to pro boudoir photographer Michael Sasser.

"We're going to be talking about what makes a good photo, and what makes a bad photo," Sasser says in the video below. "What are the images that I cull that my clients see and what are the ones that they never see? Today I'm bringing you a photography tutorial on how to choose the better images from a photo shoot. Portraits can be tough when you don't know what makes a good picture, but I'm happy to share a session of mine so you can see how to choose the best boudoir pictures."

Watch below as Sasser walks you through one of his actual boudoir photo shoots, in this case, one he did recently with model Amanda Banic, and shows you how he separates the wheat from the chaff when sorting through his pictures post-shoot. The best part about the tutorial is that his advice can be used for boudoir, portraits or any type of photography really.

"If you put two pictures side by side there will be certain elements of one that you connect with more," he explains. "Either it will be more pleasing in a certain way, or more interesting, or capture more of your attention. Or it will convey more of what you're trying to do. That's what we're going to focus on in this little video, the details inbetween two photos."

Check out Sasser's tutorial below and let us know if it helps you pick winners from your next photo shoot. Then go visit Sasser's YouTube channel for more boudoir tutorial goodness. If you're just starting out in boudoir, you might want to check out this recent video we featured with seven great tips for boudoir beginners.