Wearable Cameras for the Masses

Industry Perspective

Wearable Cameras for the Masses

by Ron Leach

Once solely the purview of those engaged in espionage, tiny wearable cameras have gone mainstream in the digital age and are now attracting attention by extreme sports enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, soccer moms, medical practitioners and the general consumer.

A recent article in the N.Y. Times discussed a variety of new affordable models that enable you to capture hands-free still and video images as you go about your day. Available for around $200, these gadgets were initially marketed for sports applications. Some models have high-resolution capability and offer an array of features including high-speed capture, wireless streaming, and a variety of focal length and exposure options-even waterproof operation.

Imagine attaching one of these cameras to your bicycle helmet, a ski pole as you speed down a mountain, on a head-band while surfing, or simply wearing one behind your ear while documenting your child's school play or a holiday party. Perhaps one of the most-compelling examples of how these tiny cameras perform was the elevator-mounted GoPro unit which captured images that mesmerized the world during the recent dramatic rescue of the Chilean miners.

Photographers who love gadgets (most of do, right?) could have a lot of fun with one of these cameras-and there's still time to get one on your Christmas list.