Watch This Slow Mo Video Shot at 1000 Frames per Second and Try Not to Laugh: We Dare You!

We occasionally turn to “The Slow Mo Guys” when we need a good laugh, and the video below sure did the trick. Gavin uses a $150,000 Phantom Flex digital camera at 1000 frames per second to capture Dan eating a cob of corn that’s slathered with ketchup and mounted on an electric drill. Sound stupid? It is.

We don’t recommend you try these antics yourself, but if you’re really hungry and in a hurry, you might want to skip the condiments. As Dan said, “If it wasn’t for the ketchup, I’d be fine.”

After you recover from watching the video below, take a look at another slow-motion experiment we posted from this duo capturing a Canon DSLR’s flip-up mirror and shutter at 10,000 frames per second. You can also see more from the Slow Mo Guys on their YouTube channel.