Watch This Boudoir Shoot in a Library (Behind-the-Scenes Video)

There's a movement in modern boudoir photography to bring these sensual shoots outside the bedroom. We've covered some photographers who are doing boudoir shoots outdoors (here and here) and now here's another photographer who has brought boudoir to a non-typical location: a library in New York City.

Yes, there are many traditionalists who say boudoir by its very nature (boudoir is the French word for bedroom) means it should be shot in the bedroom. Otherwise, it's not boudoir. That may be true in a conventional sense but we like to spotlight boudoir photographers who are thinking outside the box or, in this case, outside the bedroom.

In the below video, swimsuit and lingerie photographer Anita Sadowska shares behind-the-scenes footage of how she captured an "epic NYC library studio photoshoot."

"Today I want to show you this photo shoot that I recently did in Brooklyn. It had this really epic bookshelf in the studio and I thought it would be very interesting to do a lingerie photos shoot there and show you how I did it," Sadowska says.

"Whenever I shoot not by the beach I always try and find interesting studios to work in. As you guys know, I'm not really a white background kind of person. I love to have color and texture in my work because I work mostly with natural light. So, when I came across this booking, I really love it and though it was very cool. It had this beautiful bookshelf. This space also had really beautiful natural light."

Watch below as Sadowsksa photographs model Maud Lunenfeld in the gorgeous library while creating unique lingerie and boudoir imagery. For any of your boudoir clients who are looking for something a little different, let her behind-the-scenes shoot serve as an inspiration that boudoir doesn't always need to be shot in the bedroom.