Here's How to Shoot Beautiful Boudoir Photos Outdoors (VIDEO)

Boudoir photos don't only need to be shot in the bedroom. In fact, according boudoir photography pro Michael Sasser, you can mix things up (for the better) by trying an outdoor boudoir photo shoot.

Word of warning though, shooting boudoir outdoors is a bit more challenging than in a traditional indoor setting where you have much more control over lighting, not to mention avoiding random people from wandering into your photo shoot. That's why Sasser is offering some great tips below on how to shoot beautiful boudoir images outdoors. He demonstrates his tips while photographing model Sarah Kaplan in several exotic (and prosaic) locales.

"I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks about shooting boudoir outdoors," Sasser says. "It can be tricky with the lighting changing and having other people around, so hopefully, this helps with your boudoir business when you are giving it a try. Whether you're shooting on a beach or in a forest, most of the same rules apply."

Sasser notes that considering the current coronavirus, he took major precautions before this outdoor boudoir shoot.

"We had all quarantined before this trip and wore masks anytime we went into town or were around other people," he explains. "Safety first! Now come enjoy this adventure with me!"

Join the outdoor boudoir adventure by watching the video below and then go visit Sasser's channel for more great tips. You'll also want to check out this video from photographer Anita Sadowska where she explains how to shoot swimwear models on a beach while avoiding crowds.