Try These 14 Camera Tricks to Shoot Photos that Look as Good as Professionals

It's Friday, which is when we like to share fun and easy photography tricks you can try this weekend. And for simple photo tips, we often turn to popular YouTube how-to channel Bright Side, which posted the below video with 14 easy camera tricks that will help you take photos as good as professional photographers.

"Remember: the frame shouldn’t dominate the whole shot," Bright Side says in one of its tips. "Your main object should be the focus, and the frame should fit it. Sometimes that’s the best way to capture the moment authentically. If you’re shooting something in motion, leave free space in front of it. This rule is crucial for sports or street photography, when you can’t stage shots and ask your models to freeze, pose, or do it again. Our brain perceives information from left to right, so it’s best to position all the important stuff in the right side of the frame. If your camera has the option to show you a grid, make use of it. You want the subject of the photo to be in the rightmost third of the grid."

Here's a rundown on all 14 photography tips that are explained and demonstrated in the below video:

#14 Framing

#13 Movement

#12 Direction

#11 Camera angle

#10 Negative space

#9 Depth

#8 Foreground

#7 Shadows and reflections

#6 DIY Filters

#5 Lights

#4 The golden hour and the blue hour

#3 Close-up shots

#2 Take tons of pictures

#1 Practice first, experiment later

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