The Top 10 Best Camera Tricks of 2020 (VIDEO)

We've featured the incredible photos of our favorite camera trickster Jordi Koalitic all year long so it's fitting we end 2020 with his ten best photography tricks of the past twelve months. In the below video, Koalitic pulls out all the stops with ten mind-blowing images that were produced using simple household items in extremely creative ways.

If you didn't know how these shots were made, you might swear some of them were done on a Hollywood set or by pushing the powers of Photoshop to it limits. As you'll see in the video, however, the items he uses to create his eye-catching "special effects" can be found pretty much anywhere.

As usual with Koalitic's videos it's a "show, don't tell" affair. There's no narration, just behind-the-scenes demonstrations of how he produced all ten effects over a hypnotic soundtrack. There are also text overlays explaining how to produce the image results yourself, along with the camera, lens, and settings he used.

Here are the ten tricks Koalitic and his team shows off in the video below:

#1 Styrofoam Snow Tunnel

#2 Wooden Stick & Led Lights

#3 Cracked Frame

#4 Soil Box

#5 Newspaper Fire Ring

#6 Beer Bottles in Fake Fridge

#7 Ice Skates

#8 Falling Leaves from Hat

#9 Music Notes

#10 Wine Glasses on Glass Frame

Watch the clip and then go subscribe to the Jordi Koalitic channel to see all his astonishing work, including this one with five smartphone video tricks, and this one with his ten best camera tricks of 2019.