These Two Lightroom Tutorials Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Nature & Landscape Photographs

Most landscape and nature photographers consider Lightroom’s Graduated Filter to be almost indispensable for processing their images. The ability to selectively lighten or darken either the foreground or background is often critical to avoiding blown-out skies or an overly dark foreground.

In the first of these two videos you’ll learn how to customize the Graduated Filter for a more natural result, so your use of this tool isn’t obvious.

And for those who have yet to invoke the power of Lightroom’s Graduated Filter, the second video (below) explains the basics to get you started. You’ll learn how to stack multiple filters, how to keep the effect level, and some keyboards shortcuts as well.

You can find more helpful videos on the Loaded Landscapes YouTube channel, and if you missed yesterday’s Lightroom tutorial on eliminating fringing in landscape photos, be sure to take a look.

Via Loaded Landscapes