Tenba Ultralight Backpack

Tenba’s new Ultralight Backpack is the newest addition to the company’s Shootout collection of outdoor bags. It weighs in at less than 48 ounces, yet has the capacity to fit a full-size professional digital camera system with one or two bodies, three to five lenses and all the usual accessories.

According to Product Manager Peter Waisnor, “We spent months designing a really functional, protective and feature-filled backpack, then spent a few more months figuring out how to leave in all the muscle and get rid of all the fat.” Waisnor says that after nearly a year, the result is a photo backpack that weighs less than any comparable backpack in Tenba’s history, yet makes no functional compromises. Waisnor says that “The Ultralight’s feature set and capacity-to-weight ratio is truly groundbreaking for the photo industry.” The company says that it knows of no other true “apples-to-apples” photo backpack that comes in at under 3 lbs.

The Shootout Ultralight is constructed of a rugged combination of dobby nylon and diamond ripstop nylon, both chosen for their durability and water-resistance yet minimal weight. Every exterior opening is defended by a gasket-sealed YKK® zipper, for extreme weather protection. The Ultralight also features a unique security feature, Tenba’s exclusive Switchback Module. The Switchback is a padded camera insert that can be used facing either the front or back of the pack. When reversed inside the bag, the camera gear can only be accessed through a discreet rear door on the harness side, making it impossible for unwanted hands to get at the contents when the pack is being worn. Zipper pulls that accommodate any small luggage lock provide yet another level of security.

Other features include a variety of accessory and media pockets and organizers, Tenba’s exclusive, fast-deploying WeatherWrap auxiliary rain cover, and more.

The new Shootout Ultralight Backpack is available in black/olive, silver/black and black/black color combinations, at a suggested retail price of $134.95.

To see full video demonstrations of these and other Tenba products, visit www.tenbatv.com, or the company’s full website, www.tenba.com.