Take Dazzling Photos of Dogs with These Fun & Easy Tips from Pro Anne Geier (VIDEO)

As much as everyone loves their furry best friends, all too often photographers settle for snapshots, rather than artistic images, of their pets. All that’s about to change with the eight fun and easy tips in the quick video below, that will help you capture dazzling images of dogs.

Our friends at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) teamed up with dog photographer extraordinaire Anne Geier, to create this five-minute tutorial you won’t want to miss. You’ll find that many of the tips are equally helpful for photographing all sorts of pets and animals.

Geier provides advice on perspective, like shooting from above for a unique look, and the more common approach of getting down low to photograph your subject from eye level. She also demonstrates how to freeze action to capture frolicking dogs in motion.

The video also includes tips on posing, using props, “bribing your dog with treats,” and much more. So take a look, and give these simple techniques a try over the weekend. And remember: No more snapshots!

There are more helpful tips on the COOPH YouTube channel, and don’t miss an earlier story we posted, with absolutely enchanting photos that prove dogs are a kid’s best friend.