Southern Light: Images From Antarctica

Southern Light: Images From Antarctica; by David Neilson; Abbeville Press; $85; (ISBN: 978-0-7892-1155-2)
Experienced mountaineer, rock climber, author and photographer David Neilson is no stranger to the many dangers and dramatic extremes of the wilderness. For this stunning project, Neilson embarked upon 6 journeys to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic to explore the wonders of this dangerous—and very beautiful—frozen landscape in search of new adventures and to capture the exquisite light of these southernmost lands.

Copyright 2012 by David Neilson. Distributed by Abbeville Press, New York, NY. Used by permission of the publisher.)

Southern Light: Images From Antarctica is filled with a bold collection of 130 full color and 100 black and white images that reveal the rugged topography of the Antarctic Peninsula, the frozen expanses of East Antarctica and the Ross Sea region. Allowing the viewer to delight in the almost alien ice and snow covered landscapes—that were taken with a large-format view camera in order to record the maximum amount of detail and tone—and the wide variety of strange looking wildlife to be found there. The cleaver addition of a highly informative narrative of his adventures as well as essays on conservation, the current issue of climate change, and 5 full-page maps also make this a highly educational book ideal for all ages and a wonderful addition to your personal library.