The Art Of The Photograph: Essential Habits For Stronger Compositions

The Art Of The Photograph: Essential Habits For Stronger Compositions; by Art Wolfe & Rob Sheppard, foreword by Dewitt Jones; Amphoto Books; $29.99; (ISBN: 978-0-7704-3316-1)
This book—The Art Of The Photograph: Essential Habits For Stronger Compositions—is based upon award-winning photographer Art Wolfe’s wildly popular lecture series. Created by author, photographer, workshop leader and television host Art Wolfe and author, editor, workshop leader and photographer Rob Sheppard. This highly informative book is, in essence, a greatly detailed master class that offers amateur and intermediate skill level photographers an abundance of valuable information along with the author’s professional insights, tips and advice aimed at significantly improving the quality of your work.

© Art Wolfe, Amphoto Books

Wolfe shares the inspiring story of his artistic discovery, his years of experience as a pro shooting in the field and his extensive workshop experience to teach the reader how to explore the elements of design in order to create more compelling and emotionally engaging images. Wolfe and Sheppard look at the common traps that amateurs most often encounter and offer simple—and very effective—ways to instantly change your photos for the better. Many aspects of photography are explored in-depth and common questions are answered so that you can grow as an artist and raise your photography to the next level of skill and creativity.