Sigma Offers Four Chances to Win a Portfolio Critique

As part of Sigma Corporation of America’s 50th anniversary celebrations – as well as its commitment to supporting photographers and producing incredible imagery – the camera and lens manufacturer is inviting photographers to submit their portfolios to the “Our Pros, Your Photos” program for a chance to have their portfolios critiqued by Sigma Pros. All portfolios must be submitted by the extended deadline of July 5, 2011 for a chance to win one of four critique sessions that will be conducted from July to October.

Beginning in July, one winner will be selected each month to have their portfolio reviewed by a Sigma Pro. Winners will be chosen based on the quality of their work, as well as the use of interesting and appropriate subject matter. The selected photographer will have a one-on-one telephone critique session with a Sigma Pro, which will be recorded and made into a video showcasing the photographer's work and the discussion with the Sigma Pro.

The “Our Pros, Your Photos” critique program is one of several activities that are underway to celebrate Sigma’s 50th anniversary. The page currently features monthly product giveaways, videos about the company and its products, advice from Sigma Pros, links to social media channels, and photo-sharing and tagging via Flickr.

“Our 50th anniversary theme is ‘Exploring the Possibilities.’ What better way explore your own possibilities in your photography than to have a Sigma Pro critique your portfolio?” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America. “One of the best ways to learn as a photographer is by receiving constructive, honest feedback from seasoned and experienced professionals, and our Pros are excited to offer this opportunity as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations.”

The Sigma Pros will critique the selected portfolios based on their areas of expertise. Lindsay Adler, who specializes in fashion photography, will be the first pro to participate. Other Sigma Pros who will take part in the program include Kevin Ames (portrait photography), Robert O’Toole (wildlife photography) and Dave FitzSimmons (landscape photography).

Consumers can visit the anniversary website to enter to receive a critique through July 5, 2011. For information about Sigma Corporation of America or to view Sigma products, visit

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