Russian Photographer’s Enchanting Images Prove That Big Dogs Can Be a Little Kid’s Best Friend

Andy Seliverstoff has long been passionate about photography, but four years ago he decided to combine his craft with a love for man’s best friend and concentrate solely on dog photography. His enchanting “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” project, reveals a unique bond that can occur between huge dogs and children.

Based in Leningrad, Seliverstoff has made thousands of heartwarming images of dogs and says, “I try to bring my emotions and interpretation of the moment back in my photos,” adding that, “I always take plenty of time with the dog who is in front of my camera, so I get to know the personality of my models the best I can.”

While he loves photographing dogs of all kinds, Seliverstoff says he has a special passion for Great Danes. “They touch me emotionally and I just can’t get enough of them,” he explains.

Seliverstoff says that, like humans, every dog has a personality and character that is uniquely their own, and some also have human attributes. “The human aspects we often recognize in dogs are, among other things, what makes us feel so close to them,” he notes.

If you love dogs, or just appreciate great photography, be sure to spend some time on Seliverstoff’s website and Instagram page.

Via BoredPanda