Rare Nikon 13mm Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens Goes on Sale on eBay: Bidding at $18K

We've covered a lot of exotic lenses being sold for exorbitant prices on eBay in the past – remember this $96K Nikon 6mm F/2.8 fisheye? – so this rare glass offering really caught our eye. It’s a Nikon 13mm F/5.6 wide-angle, rectilinear lens currently drawing a maximum bid of $18,099 on eBay. (The auction ends on Thurdsay.)

Known as the “The Holy Grail” of lenses for the low amount of distortion it produces at its ultra-wide angle of coverage, this particlar Nikkor 13mm F/5.6 was reportedly previously owned by movie special effects wizard John Dykstra who worked on Star Wars and the Spiderman and Batman films, among many others.

Here’s a sample shot captured with a Nikkor 13mm F/5.6 to give you an idea of the lens' ultra-wide capabilities.

While $18+K sounds like a lot of money, the bid has not yet hit the lens’ eBay “reserve,” which is the minimum price the seller will accept. The reserve price is hidden from bidders.

Or, another words, this luxury lens could still be yours! But you’ll just have to bid higher.

(Via PopPhoto)