The PROFILUX PLUS 800 completes the TIPA Award 2010 winning (named Best Flash System 2010) PROFILUX PLUS system and replaces the PROFILUX PLUS 600. It delivers 200 W/S more energy, features 8 instead of 7 f-stops, and can be remotely controlled with the new Trigger Happy radio trigger just like any other PROFILUX PLUS unit.

The PROFILUX PLUS units are equipped with the Multiblitz-developed True-Multi-Voltage Technology, allowing voltages between 90-260V and ensuring a safe mains-operated use worldwide. High flash output, fast recycling time, and low weight in combination with a rugged yet stylish design. make the PROFILUX PLUS a premium choice for the experienced professional with high standards.

Operated with the Multiblitz PROPAC 1 or PROPAC 2 battery packs, the PROFILUX PLUS 800 delivers more than 300 flashes and more than 800 flashes at maximum output respectively.


• 200 W/S, 400 W/S, 800 W?S flash output
• 7 f-stop (200 & 400) | 8 f-stop (800) power range adjustable in 1/10 increments
• 150W modeling light, halogen tube with a service life of 2000 hrs
• Built-in 16 channel receiver with 30 m / 100 ft range, compatible with RS2 radio trigger and the new Trigger Happy remote control
• Digital display and speed dial output control
• Automatic dissipation of energy without firing
• Battery operation with PROPAC 1 or PROPAC 2 battery packs

The PROFILUX PLUS units are available in 200, 400, and 800 W/S exclusively at the Mutliblitz USA online store beginning in February, 2011.

Online retail prices:
PROFILUX PLUS 200: $ 599.
PROFILUX PLUS 400: $ 849.
PROFILUX PLUS 800: $ 999.