Pro Camera vs Beginner Camera for Boudoir Photography: Does It Matter? (VIDEO)

Is it necessary to have an expensive professional camera to shoot boudoir photography? Or is it possible to get by with just an entry-level, beginner camera for boudoir?

Those are the questions boudoir photography pro Yuliya Panchenko addresses in the below video where she compares a $3000 camera and high-end lens with a $600 camera and kit lens for a boudoir shoot.

For the camera comparison test shoot, Panchenko uses a 45.7MP Nikon D850 full-frame DSLR with a 50mm prime lens as her pro camera rig and a Canon EOS Rebel T6 APS-C DSLR with an 18-55mm kit lens as her amateur camera set-up to photograph model Julienne in a boudoir setting.

She notes that she's not comparing the technical proficiencies of the two cameras but simply trying to show that you don't, necessarily, need to spend a ton of money on gear to capture gorgeous boudoir photos.

"The goal is to show that anyone with an entry level camera can achieve similar results," Panchenko says. For settings, she puts both camera/lens combos at 1/100th second shutter speed, f/4 aperture and similar ISOs and focal lengths.

So, which did better, the pro set-up up or the entry-level camera and lens? Well, obviously, the professional camera and lens are going to give you better technical results but as Panchenko explains, you can do quite well with less expensive gear if you know a few things about how to shoot boudoir.

And one of the best things about Panchenko's boudoir tutorials is that she shares lots of her professional knowledge in her videos to help make you a better photographer. So, check it out below and then go visit her channel to see all of her boudoir photography tips, tricks and how-tos.