Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon

The Canon-compatible version of the Phottix Odin launched in September 2011. Phottix HQ has received thousands of emails from photographers across the globe anxious for the Nikon-compatible Odin version.

Last minute testing to ensure the Odin worked properly with the new D800 and D4 added a slight delay to the previous planned release date. Testing completed, the Phottix Odin for Nikon is ready step into the limelight.

Photographers can wirelessly trigger TTL flashes, retaining full TTL functions, as well as remotely control power and flash zoom settings. Shooting with off-camera TTL flash has been made incredibly easy.

* Wireless 2.4GHz. TTL and Manual Flash Triggering
* Remote power control of groups in TTL with +/- EV adjustments (3 stops in 1/3 stop increments - 18 different levels.)
* Remote manual mode flash power control with 1/3 stop adjustments
* Remote flash head zoom adjustments – auto or manual
* Mix TTL and Manual flash – fire some groups in TTL, others as manual
* Remote power control in A:B ratio modes with +/- EV adjustments
* High speed sync – shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec.
* Second curtain sync functions
* Compatible with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 and Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Triggers
* Upgradeable via built-in USB ports.

The Phottix Odin TTL Trigger consists of an on-camera transmitter and control unit (TCU) and receiver units for compatible hot shoe flashes.

The Odin offers photographers four wireless channels and three flash control group designations. Flashes can be controlled in TTL or manual mode, or A:Bratio mode with EV +/- adjustments of three stops.

What makes the Phottix Odin unique is the ability to designate groups in TTL/Mixed mode. Individual groups, A, B, C, can also be controlled in TTL mode with EV +/- adjustments. Groups can also be set to Manual mode, adjusting power levels remotely, or turned off.

Flash head zoom can be dynamically adjusted as photographers adjust their lenses. Flash zoom can also be easily adjusted manually and set from 20 to 200mm. The Phottix Odin system will also trigger compatible non-TTL flashes and studio strobes.

The Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon is backward-compatible with with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 and Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Triggers.Current Phottix users will have no problem adding the Odin to their systems. As the world of cameras and flashes is always changing the Photix Odin system can be upgraded when needed using the built-in USB ports.

Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon sets with a TCU and Receiver will be available, as will individual receivers.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the TCU and Receiver sets is $350 USD and $140 USD for individual receivers. The Odin is compatible with Nikon iTTL flashes and Nikon digital cameras.

dbltapp's picture

Loved my Phottix Odin TTL remote flash triggers for Canon, until two of them suddenly stopped working with very little use.

Sure, stuff happens, but Phottix isn't responding to my emails about getting them repaired/replaced under warranty. Thus right now they're just two over-priced paper weights, and I'm wondering how long the other two will continue to function. (Could lousy customer service be a cultural phenomenon?)

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