Photoshop Tip: Create High-Quality B&W Conversions with This Tutorial from Unmesh Dinda (VIDEO)

There are numerous methods for converting color images to black and white, and some are more effective than others. In the tutorial below you’ll see how to achieve super high-quality results using multiple hue/saturation sliders in Photoshop.

Image editing expert Unmesh Dinda has a large following here on our website, and in the video below he demonstrates how to create highly customizable B&W conversions with virtually infinite control. It’s one of those rare sophisticated techniques that is easy to execute.

Dinda explains how to employ multiple hue/saturation sliders and layer masks to accomplish the task. He uses the top layer to remove all the colors from an image, and other layers to control luminosity.

Once the conversion is complete Dinda demonstrates how to add a few effects like vignettes and film grain to further refine the image. You can find more tips and tricks on Dinda’s YouTube channel, and don’t miss another powerful Photoshop tutorial we shared recently with a simple trick for giving portraits a unique, vibrant look.