Photographing Parties Page 2

The surprise on the birthday girl's face when she first walks into the room, the love in the eyes of a couple celebrating a milestone anniversary, or the joy of a family reuniting for a holiday dinner all deserve to be captured through your lens. So grab that camera and record some celebratory moments that everyone will enjoy for years to come.

The focus is definitely on the colorful subject in a sea of blue party people.
Reader photo by Shawna Yetka, Duarte, CA

Readers are encouraged to submit photos to our monthly Point & Shoot HomeWork Assignment feature. Please see the table of contents for the location of the entry coupon, which lists topics and more details.


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Taking photos at parties, or any social event for that matter, can be tricky but fun! Low lights, dancing couples, and other fun activities make a party fun to attend, but challenging to capture with your camera. - Texas Lending

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