Photographers that Fly With the Eagles

Drew Hallowell and travel partner, Hunter Martin, are photographers for the Philadelphia Eagles. Mentors of Ed Mahan, long time Eagles photographer, they are the young shooters on their way up with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL photographic arena.

Drew Hallowell, is the director of photography of the Philadelphia Eagles Digest. He got his start with a Konica camera given to him by his mom. He began working at the local paper, then started working on team portraits for Ed Mahan. See some of the team portraits on

Hunter Martin, is an official team photographer for the Eagles and admits to starting with a $66 Konica that his dad bought for him. Both photographers now use digital Cannon 1Ds and are looking at the Marc 2 for an upgrade.

Win, lose or draw they capture it all for the team. Drew takes one side of the field, Hunter the other side, and at half time they switch sides. They shoot 1200 photographs per game except for important games like the play-offs. For those games they go through 2000 images. Wow! The editing that must take!

I asked them about ownership of the images. They agreed with my new e-book, that you, the photographer, own the rights to the images you take. You should retain those rights and register images that you plan to sell.

Talking about Monday night football they admit the lenses they use most of the time are the big guns 400mm. What I found interesting is that they switch lenses during the action. The long lenses are in use most of the time but they keep a 50mm around their neck for close-in action.

I asked who gets the best shots. Hunter claimed he gets the best during their friendly competition but their photography speaks for itself. They travel with the team, during the good, the bad and the ugly times. Can't imagine riding home from the latest loss at the Super-Bowl. But there is always next season. They are a quality team of photographers and agreed to send us some of their work of this year's Super Bowl.

Who is the closet photographer on the team? They said that Jonathan Mc Nabb always seems to have a video camera with him more than anyone on the team. You can hear them tell this story in their own words at
Happy picture taking!