Photo Book Review: Barbershops of America: A Photographic Essay

In decades past, barbershops were a vital part of every American community. At that time the Barber’s responsibilities included far more than just trimming hair and beards, he was often the town’s only surgeon and dentist. Unfortunately times have changed and this once common sight has become very rare. As a child, photographer Rob Hammer developed a life long fascination for barbershop culture. In 2011 he began photographing the shops he discovered in Southern California and soon Hammer found himself seeking out barbershops wherever his travels took him.

What began as a fun personal project soon revealed the disconcerting truth that barbershops were now vanishing at an alarming rate. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Hammer then decided to shift his project into high gear by documenting various barbershops he found in the lower 48 states and he embarked upon his quest. Barbershops of America: A Photographic Essay is the result, featuring a wonderful collection of well crafted candid images in both color and black & white that offer the reader an informative glimpse into this unique barbershop culture.


Barbershops of America: A Photographic Essay; by Rob Hammer;; $60


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