Photo Book Review: Horse Medicine

Nearly every culture holds the horse in high regard. Symbolic of strength and freedom, these majestic and intelligent animals strike a certain cord with people. We all seem to have an almost instinctive bond with them, even if we’ve never been in close contact with a horse before. Renowned equine photographer Tony Stromberg became aware of the phenomena after the publication of his first books Spirit Horses and The Forgotten Horses.

The feedback he received was filled with glowing praise for his work and expressions of deep feelings of respect (and even love) for the horses. This information amazed Stromberg and inspired him to explore the healing aspect of this relationship through the art of photography.

Stromberg spent over a decade as one of San Francisco’s top commercial photographers but he yearned for something more. Following his real passion he soon moved to New Mexico and made the transition to fine art photography, focusing on his favorite subject: horses.

Stromberg now travels across the western United States and Europe chasing the spirit of wild horses, capturing their true essence and beauty. His latest book, Horse Medicine, contains a wonderful collection of his well-crafted color and black and white images that are certain to stir your emotions.

(Images copyright © 2014 by Tony Stromberg. Reprinted with permission from New World Library.)

Horse Medicine; by Tony Stromberg; New World Library; $45; (ISBN: 978-1-60868-313-0)

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