Pgytech OneMo 2 Backpack Expands to Fit Your Needs

Looking for a versatile, expandable backpack for photo, video, and drone gear? One that’s comfortable to wear, affordable, and keeps your equipment intelligently organized? Check out the new OneMo 2 camera/drone backpack from PGYTECH.

We reviewed the PGYTECH OneMo Photo/Drone Backpack (version 1) in 2022 and we were truly impressed. Read that review to learn how rigorously PGYTECH stress-tests their designs to assure high quality and durability. The OneMo 2 builds on the original design and now comes in two sizes: 35L and a more manageable 25L.

Like its predecessor, the PGYTECH OneMo 2 is a two-piece system. Inside the stylish backpack is an equipment capsule that can be used as an internal organizer, waist pack or shoulder bag. OneMo 2 bags open fully from the back, clam shell style. The 25L features a pair of access doors on the side for easy equipment removal. The 35L has one side door plus a zippered flap on top for additional easy access.

The 25L will store a laptop smaller than 15.6 inches and an iPad smaller than 12.9 inches. The 35L holds a laptop smaller than 17 inches and an iPad smaller than 12.9 inches.

For those days when you wear your camera around your neck but still need a roomy backpack to haul clothing or other items, the nicely-padded flexible interior partitions can be removed to make space. Both sizes are available in black; the 25L model is also available in attractive dark gray camouflage.

Feature Summary

• Two-piece system: backpack plus shoulder/waist bag

• Expandable into H-shape and V-shape to increase load capacity

• 25L increases to 33L with 8L H-shape expansion

• 35L increases to 45L with 10L H-shape expansion

• Side port for immediate equipment access (x2 on 25L)

• Top port in addition to side port (35L only)

• Upgraded interior partitions are thick and flexible

• Well-designed inner space keeps camera gear and living essentials separate

• Wide back-opening allows lay-flat packing

• Laptop and iPad storage areas

• Expanded shoulder bag accommodates Mavic 3 combo

• High quality tamper resistant YKK zippers

• Patented Power Indicator battery pockets

• Discreetly hidden AirTag pocket

• High-performance back panel and wide waist strap for comfort

• Shoulder straps can store smartphone and hold camera clip


Dimensions 18.5 x 12.6 x 9.25 inches (470 x 320 x 235mm)
Weight without partitions: Backpack 3.8 pounds (1.72kg)
Shoulder bag 0.9 pounds (0.43kg )
Weight with partitions: Backpack 4.7 pounds (2.11kg)
Shoulder bag 1.1 pounds (0.5kg )

Dimensions 21.25 x 13 x 9.25 inches (540mm x 330 x 235mm)
Weight without partitions: Backpack 4.3 pounds (1.96kg)
Shoulder bag 0.9 pounds (0.43kg)
Weight with partitions: Backpack 5.3 pounds (2.42kg)
Shoulder bag 1.1 pounds (0.5kg)

In the Field
The PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L backpack I evaluated ticked every box on my photo backpack checklist including the three most important: all-day comfort, worry free durability and adequate capacity.

I’m normally not partial to bag-within-bag setups, but the 35L is different because the side door is just the right size to slip the shoulder/waist bag in or out. If you want to pack a large amount of gear but don’t necessarily need all of it at every stop, you can leave the backpack in your trunk and just carry the should bag. Or if the load you packed becomes too heavy after a few hours of hiking, you can ask a travel companion to tote the smaller bag. Of course, you could leave the backpack at home and just take the smaller bag.

The PGYTECH OneMo 35 is easy to configure. The internal partitions are cleverly engineered to be flexible but still very protective and sturdy. The side pocket holds a 20-ounce soda bottle without a struggle. If you care to, you can slip your smartphone into the pouch on the strap. And although I didn’t need it, I found the reinforced, rubberized bottom a comfort as I often encounter wet grass or marshy conditions and otherwise could not set the backpack on the ground.

Truth be told, the 25L is probably a better fit for my needs. I did not expand the 35L backpack (except to examine the mechanics of the procedure) because it has plenty of room without expansion. Still, it was great knowing I could pack way more gear than I needed, just in case.

The PGYTECH OneMo 2 35L is a solid, reliable and good-looking backpack for camera/video gear, drone equipment or conventional travel—or bits of all three. It has several innovative features, like the hidden AirTag pouch, tamper-resistant YKK zipper and the Power Indicator battery pockets, and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. For normal photo treks, choose the 25L. For extended trips and/or extra-large loads, go with the 35L.

Like the original PGYTECH OneMo (and the all-purpose OneGo for that matter) the PGYTECH lineup of backpacks are all top quality and built from the finest materials. I cannot imagine the OneMo 2 ever failing service. And the pricing is affordable, all of which makes them very easy to recommend.

Price & Availability
Available in black or gray camo, the 25L can be ordered from Amazon for $219.95. The 35L comes in black only and is available from Amazon for $259.95.

Visit the PGYTECH Store on Amazon to browse their complete lineup of camera, drone and smartphone accessories.

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