Personal Project; Here Is New York Page 2

These are storytelling images, meant, he says, to capture “the life, the culture, the grit, the texture, the feeling of the city. I’ve been photographing New York ever since I got a camera. I love the look of the architecture, the energy of the people, the colors—and sometimes the lack of color, the dreariness of some of the days.”

City Hall Station

In Central Park

The Great Hall, Ellis Island

His New York HDR photographs remind us that technology can be a route to self-expression, personal style, and, if we’re really good, art.

If Lindsay has a wish for his ongoing chronicle of the city it would be to publish a book of selected images, an extended photo essay that proclaims, “Here is my New York.”

Outside St. Paul’s Chapel, Lower Broadway

A gallery of Lindsay’s New York City images is featured at: