Ohio Cop Says He Shot a Local News Photographer After Mistaking His Tripod for a Gun

The latest senseless photographer shooting occurred last night in Ohio when a Clark County Sheriff Deputy fired at local photojournalist Andy Grimm while he was setting up a tripod because “I thought it was a gun.” Grimm, who works for the New Carlisle News, was hit once in the chest and another bullet grazed his shoulder, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The officer who shot the news photographer, rushed over to help him and repeatedly said "I thought it was a gun," Grimm told the Daily News from his hospital bed.

Here's how the New Carlisle News has covered the shooting incident.

Grimm is the son of the newspaper’s Publisher Dale Grimm who says Andy encountered a traffic stop at about 10pm while en route to photograph a lightning storm about 20 miles North of Dayton. He decided to quickly photograph the traffic stop before continuing on to his original assignment. Publisher Grimm learned of the shooting at 3am after his son was transported to the hospital and underwent surgery.

After speaking with his son, pictured above, Grimm explained, “Andy said there was no warning, no ‘show me your hands’ or ‘drop what you have’ before the bullets rang out.” The Ohio Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident but the injured photographer says the shooting was a misunderstanding and he doesn’t want to see the deputy lose his job.

Read more about the incident on the Daily News' website.

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Via NY Daily News