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October 2007

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Welcome to our how-to special on lighting. This month we explore on-camera, tabletop, and studio strobes, and provide insider reports on pro flash tips and gear. We also have a full range of Test Reports to satisfy all of your lighting needs--from flash brackets to monoblocs and beyond. In addition, we have a roundup on handheld meters that probes whether or not they are still important for serious photography.


28 Test Report: Lighting
Interfit's EXD200 Lighting Kit
by Jack Neubart

36 A Tabletop Lighting System Sampler
We Work With The Lowel Ego, Interfit Pop-Up Light Tent, Sharpics D-Flector, Samigon Internet Photo Studio Pro, And Sunpak eBox
by Jack Neubart

44 Test Report: Lighting
AlienBees' Ringflash
by Ron Eggers

52 Test Report: Flash Gear
Custom Brackets
by Steve Bedell

56 Test Report: Lighting
Bowens' Esprit Gemini Digital Monoblocs
by Stan Sholik and Ron Eggers

62 On-Camera Flash
Softbox In A Pocket
by Steve Anchell

90 Test Report: Lighting
Quantum's Turbo Slim Compact Battery & More
by Joe Farace

96 Handheld Light Meters
Are They Still Important For Serious Photography?
by Stan Sholik and Ron Eggers

102 Test Report: Digital Camera
Nikon's D40X D-SLR
by George Schaub

112 Test Report: 35mm Camera
The Zeiss Ikon SW Camera
by Joe Farace

122 Test Report: Focal Distance
by George Schaub

126 Classic Cameras
Tokyo Used Camera Show
by S. "Fritz" Takeda

134 Digital Innovations
Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown
by Joe Farace

144 Roundup: New Products
Covering The Photo Beat
by C.A. Boylan


78 Star Trails, Digital Style
Exposure And Stacking Techniques
by Art Rosch

86 Aperture's Light Table
Layout And Picture Stories: A Newfound Tool For A Lost Art
by Rod Lawton

88 Fill Light
Use Your Flash Outdoors
by Peter K. Burian

191 Business Trends
Use Your Website As A Marketing Tool
by Maria Piscopo


10 Talking Pictures
"Worth The Wait..."
by Daniel Ruhkala

12 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

20 Student Union
Profiles Of The Up And Coming
by Jay McCabe

24 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

69 The Photography Of Robert Leon
A Passion For People
by Lorraine A. DarConte

72 Passport
Take A Seat...
by Jack Hollingsworth

74 Locations
Discover The Channel Islands National Park
by Chuck Graham


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