Not Again: Nikon D750s Showing Error Messages When Shooting at Fast Shutter Speeds

More complaints are rolling in about the Nikon D750. Several owners of Nikon’s beleaguered, semi-pro full frame DLSR have been posting videos on YouTube showing their cameras experiencing error (ERR) messages when shooting at fast shutter speeds.

In the case of the three different videos below, the Nikon D750s in the clips are set to shoot at 1/4000 second when they get the ERR message on the top display. According to the Nikon Rumors site, there have been multiple reports about this problem on forums and websites across the Internet.

So far Nikon has not issued a service advisory about the D750 ERR message problem. However, the company released another service notice just last month on a shutter shading problem that first cropped up in 2015.

It’s worth noting that despite these problems – some of which have been remedied by firmware updates and service repairs – the Nikon D750 has been generally positively reviewed. We gave a largely positive review to the D750 in 2014. 

(Via Nikon Rumors)