New Organization For IR Photographers

The League of Creative Infrared Photographers ( was officially formed in January 2008. It was established to promote the joy, excitement, and creativity of infrared photography from in-camera capture to enhancing images in the digital darkroom.

The group was founded in 2008 by Rick Sammon and Deborah Sandidge. Rick Sammon, the founder of The League of Creative Infrared Photographs is an avid IR shooter. He also hosts digital SLR photography lessons on Deborah Sandidge, the director of The League of Creative Infrared Photographers, is inspired by what she sees in nature's endless and changing opportunities. Deb enjoys a variety of in-camera and Photoshop/Painter creative photographic techniques and enthusiastically shares her knowledge of digital imaging. Joe Farace, the Technical Director of League of Creative Infrared Photographers, is a widely published Colorado-based photographer and author of 30 books including "The Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography" published by Lark books. He has written more than 1700 magazine stories and is Contributing Photographer and Writer for Shutterbug magazine.

The League invites IR photographer--film or digital--from around the world to share their photographs with other creative image makers in the League. Best of all, membership is free! All you have to so is send us your best horizontal and vertical infrared image (low res), a head shot of yourself and a bio (complete with your website's URL so we can link to it) and we will list you as a member on The League of Creative Infrared Photographers' site. If you have a how-to article that you can contrubute, we may be able to use it on the site as well! Just send it to in a zip folder (again with low-res images) and we may be able to published it on our How-To page (coming in February 2008.)

That's it. At this point, the League's goal simply want to draw infrared photographers together and share news about IR photography. Plans are underway for meetings and even workshops at some time in the future.