New Films
And Even A New Printing Paper

Ferrania USA now offers new, high color fidelity 400 and 800 speed color negative films called FG PLUS. They feature fine grain and excellent detail with superior color saturation coupled with reduced underexposure latitude.

Kodak introduced several improved films for commercial, wedding/portrait, and advanced amateur photographers. Kodak Professional Ultra Color films, in 35mm and 120 formats, in both 100 and 400 speeds, offer intense color, beautiful skin tones, and fine grain for scanning to digital files. Kodak Professional BW400CN film is a multipurpose black and white chromogenic film, which is processed in conventional color negative chemistry found in minilabs and professional labs everywhere. It features extremely fine grain, excellent highlight and shadow detail, and a smooth, neutral tonal scale.

Improvements have also been made in the Kodak Professional Portra 800 film, which now offers finer grain and more underexposure latitude. It is said to excel for candid shots under low light and for capturing images of subjects in motion. Of historical note, Kodak's venerable Professional Tri-X film celebrates the 50th anniversary of its introduction this year.

There was even a new printing paper at the show. Kodak Professional Polycontrast IV RC Paper features improved detail in highlights along with excellent tonal scale while maintaining a rich black and clean white reproduction. Geared toward professional fine art or commercial photographers, it's offered in four surfaces and a number of sizes. Like all RC papers, it has rapid processing and quick drying.