National Geographic: Celebrating 125 Years As an Innovative Leader in Visual Storytelling

Everyone who loves photography should pick up a copy of the October issue of National Geographic magazine—a special edition devoted to “The Power of Photography” and a celebration of the publication’s 125th Anniversary. Unveiled in October, 1888 as the official journal of the non–profit National Geographic Society, this iconic brand dedicated to funding science and exploration across the globe has inspired countless photographers.

Since it’s ambitious beginnings 125 years ago, National Geographic has published the first photographic survey of the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere, documented the first American accent of Mt. Everest and numerous wonders of our planet, and investigated serious environmental and social issues throughout the world. Who doesn’t recall the magazine’s riveting imagery of Jacques Cousteau’s dives, Jane Goodall’s work with primates in Africa, and James Cameron’s historic 2012 solo descent to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

Today, the magazine’s reach has grown to 60 million readers monthly—with 39 local language editions. The magazine’s visual storytelling has expanded online with 27 million unique visitors each month to and the National Geographic Channel on cable television reaching 440 million households.

“Photography is a powerful tool and form of expression,” notes Chris Johns, editor-in-chief of National Geographic magazine. “Sharing what you see and experience through the camera allows you to connect, move, and inspire people around the world.”

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, the Annenberg Space for Photography will help celebrate National Geographic magazine’s 125th anniversary with a special “Power of Photography” exhibit opening on October 26. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss it!