Naneu Pro’s New Web Site

Naneu Pro (, a manufacturer of high quality, innovative camera, video, laptop and portable audio cases will be unveiling its newly redesigned website on Friday August the 11th, in an effort to help educate our visitors about the specifications and features of our unique camera bags and cases throughout our entire spectrum of lines of products.

The new website features a completely new look and feel, a more visitor-friendly navigation that allows the user to easily access the most relevant products that fit his individual needs. Other technology components include a Naneu Pro community forum, an email newsletter subscription program, product downloads in pdf format, a customer survey, a contest, a "friends' of Naneu Pro" page that features award-winning photographers who choose to use Naneu Pro bags, as well as a News sections conveniently placed on the homepage to provide visitors instantly with a daily update on the company and its products, among many other new exciting features.

Naneu Pro's aim is to make the user's experience on their website easier and more enjoyable, in hope this helps consumers better understand who they are and how their brand and products are different.

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