Microtek ScanMaker i800

Microtek USA is shipping the ScanMaker i800, a high-resolution scanner that is said to combine professional features, versatility, power and convenience at a great price. At $399, the unit can handle multiple film sizes including 24 frames of 35mm filmstrips , 12 mounted 35mm slides, two 4" x 5" transparencies, and medium format up to 6 x 17 cm panoramic. With a maximum film scanning area of 8" x 12" the i800 accepts large format film and contact sheets as well. The scanner, which features 4800 x 9600 dpi optical resolution and a 4.0 Dmax, allows users to create poster-size images from photos and film. The ScanMaker i800 also features a large 8.5" x 14" reflective scanning area to accommodate legal-size documents and batch scanning of photos.

The ScanMaker i800 includes Microtek's exclusive EZ-Lock Film Holders with spring-actuated tension grips (patent pending) for 4" x 5" and medium-format film to keep film perfectly flat for clear, superbly focused scans from edge to edge. Also, all of the holders lock into place on the scan bed to ensure perfect alignment and quality scans, while the EZ-Lock film holder hardware and software system automatically detects film quantity and format--and even automatically crops the frames to further simplify scanning.

The newest member of Microtek's family of leading-edge scanners features an integrated TMA with its own moving light source for even, consistent color scans in true 48-bit color. The device captures trillions of colors in one pass, creating true-to-life color reproduction and providing more subtle detail in the shadows and highlights than lower-priced scanners can supply.

The ScanMaker i800 also comes equipped with Microtek's exclusive PictuRescue system with Kodak DIGITAL ICE Technology and ColorRescue. With the touch of one button, the software removes creases, dust and scratches from faded photographs and film. Microtek's ColorRescue automatically restores faded color.

The ScanMaker i800 includes seven easily customizable Smart-Touch buttons plus a power button. Users can use Smart Touch to readily access favorite capabilities with the press of a button. For example, users can choose to repair damaged photos, scan images and send them directly to a chosen application, print high-quality color copies quickly and easily, perform
OCR text-scanning accurately or create a PDF, and e-mail images.

The ScanMaker i800 features two scanning software packages--for the family, or for the professional power user. For the power user, the ScanMaker i800 bundles a new enhanced version of ScanWizard™ Pro for direct scanning to RGB, CMYK, LAB and indexed color. It features NegaMatch™ for negative film optimization and lets you select individual film brands, types and ISO settings to accurately reproduce color for dozens of the most popular negative film profiles. ScanWizard Pro also allows the user to create custom negative film profiles.

For the family, scapbooker or small office, the ScanMaker i800 includes its award-winning ScanWizard 5 scanning software. It features a friendly, simple control panel for straightforward scanning and offers settings that automatically determine the size of a photo or document, adjust color, brightness and contrast for optimum results. With ScanWizard 5, the ScanMaker i800's Smart Touch buttons make scanning easy and convenient.

The ScanMaker i800 is priced at $399.99 SRP and is compatible with Windows or Macintosh. For more information about Microtek or any of its products, visit the company's Web site at www.microtekusa.com.