March 2007 Table Of Contents

March 2007

On the Cover
This month our mission is to provide you with as many Digital Darkroom tips and tricks as possible. For example, Philip Andrews illustrates that you can do more with layers than just make composites, while Steve Bedell clues you in on a triple combo that is sure to speed up your current workflow. Additionally, we have an exclusive First Look at Adobe's Photoshop CS3. As a bonus, Jon Sienkiewicz provides buying tips for purchasing an imaging notebook computer, which really is an indispensable tool for photographers these days.


36 Output Options
The DPI Myth
by Jon Canfield

40 Digital Innovations
The Vices Of Digital Imaging
by Joe Farace

50 Roundup: New Products
Covering The Photo Beat
by C.A. Boylan

56 First Look: Software
Adobe's Photoshop CS3 Beta
by David B. Brooks

74 Choosing A Notebook Computer
Indispensable Tools For Photographers
by Jon Sienkiewicz

82 Test Report: Printer
Canon's imagePROGRAF iPF5000 17" Printer
by David B. Brooks

92 Test Report: Software
Kubota's Image Tools
by George Schaub

98 Test Report: Software
onOne Software's PhotoFrame Pro 3
by Howard Millard

104 Test Report: Training
Software Cinema DVD Training
by Steve Anchell

106 Test Report: Monitor
LaCie's 320 LCD Monitor
by David B. Brooks

110 Refurbished Photo Gear
Bargain Or Bust?
by Jon Sienkiewicz

114 Test Report: Film
Rollei's ScanFilm
by Roger W. Hicks and Frances E. Schultz

120 Classic Camera
Exakta Varex IIa
by Roger W. Hicks


60 The Portrait Photographer's Triple Combo
Two Programs (Photoshop CS2 & CPAC Imaging PRO) And One Plug-In (Kodak DIGITAL GEM) To Help You Speed Production
by Steve Bedell

68 Beyond Layer Basics
They're Not Just For Composites
by Philip Andrews

148 Business Trends
The New Portfolio Book
by Maria Piscopo


14 Talking Pictures
"Seize The Moment"
by Larry D. Jackson

16 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

22 Personal Project
Images From The Mind's Eye
by Theresa Airey

28 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

32 Pro Talk
Peter B. Kaplan: Turn The Key
by Jay McCabe

65 Text And Photos
Something Different By David Alan Harvey
by Barry Tanenbaum

122 Personal Project
Abstract Vision
by Dick Stanley

124 The Poet And The Photographer
A Photographer Translates A Poet's World
by Rosalind Smith

172 Locations
Exploring Arches National Park
by Rick Sammon


154 Book Reviews
171 Contests
184 Digital Help
11 Editor's Notes
180 Help!
163 Trade Shows
165 Workshops