Lyson Bulk Feed System for Epson Stylus Photo R2400

Lyson, Inc.has introduced a bulk ink feed system and bulk ink for Epson's popular Stylus Photo R2400 inkjet printer. The Lyson bulk feed system for the Epson R2400 uses components specifically designed for use in continuous ink supply systems. The space-saving modular ink reservoirs can be topped up while printing, and sealed when not in use to prolong ink life. The proprietary bulk ink feed cartridges feature built-in pressure dampers to automatically regulate ink flow, filters to protect the print head, and uses no foam rubber (which can deteriorate and lead to clogging during use). Even the ink tubing used is laboratory standard to reduce thickening of ink over time.

"This system features a new version of our Cave Paint pigmented inks, which deliver deep rich blacks with no gloss differential," says Tony Martin, president of Lyson, Inc. "The installation and use of this system couldn't be easier-- it takes about 30 minutes to install, and doesn't require any permanent modification to the printer."

The Lyson bulk feed system for the Epson Stylus Photo R2400 retails at $399, and comes complete with a set of eight 4 oz. Ink bottles and a CD containing instructions, a user guide, and free ICC color profiles for Lyson inks on a variety of media.

For more information on the Lyson bulk feed system for the Epson Stylus R2400, please contact or call (847) 690-1060.