"Let's Just Rock and Roll"

Henry Diltz is a photographer who made his living first as musician with Modern Folk Quartet (MFQ), then as a trusted friend and photographer of many successful groups from that time forward. The Lovin Spoon Full, The Mama's and Papa's, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Doors and many more. He bought his first camera a Kodak "Pony", while on tour with his group. They had a photo shoot out with slide film and when they got home they shared them with each other in a slide show. That was enough to hook Henry on photography forever.

Photos © Henry Diltz, All Rights Reserved

He met Linda McCartney who was a photographer of that era before she met and married Paul McCartney of the Beattles. They went to the same photo lab for processing and got to be friends through their mutual interest in photography. He was invited by Linda to photograph her and Paul whenever she had to be in the picture. As a result one of Henry's most famous photo of Paul and Linda appeared on the cover of Life Magazine. His friendship and knowledge of music allowed him the privileged photos of many rock and rollers that he currently exhibits in his gallery in New York at 124 Prince and newest gallery at 1230 Prospect in La Jolla, California.

Henry was the official photographer for the producer at Woodstock. With his Nikon he was able to capture up close, the most famous groups on stage. He has some rare photos of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix and many others from the now famous Wookdstock concert. His advice to anyone who wants to do this type of photography is to get to know the group you are working with on a personal level.

Henry laughingly told me the story of the famous album cover "The Morrison Hotel" for which he has named his La Jolla gallery.

The famous Rock and Roll group of that era "The Doors" and Henry were on their way to do a photo shoot. They came upon the now famous Morrison Hotel a seedy two dollar and fifty cent per night (seventies prices} flop house. Henry said lets go inside and check it out. They went inside to look for a location to shoot. The manager behind the counter asked them what they were doing. When they told him, he decided they need the permission of the hotel owner. The owner was nowhere to be found. As they were leaving they noticed that the manager had left his position at the desk to go upstairs. Henry told the group to hurry and go to the window. Henry then went outside and took several shots through the window and they took off running before the manager returned. He still laughs when tells the story of how they got the famous cover shot.

Every photo that he has taken has a story. His career spans over forty years and includes photos of Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Dan Morrison to name a few. He has several books out that give you an insight into his life as a rock and roll photographer. Under the Covers, Crosby, Stills and Nash the Authorized Biography, California Rock, California Sound.

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