Learn to Make Boring Night Photos Look Spectacular with This 5-Minute Lightroom Tutorial (VIDEO)

Dramatic photographic opportunities abound once the sun drops below the horizon and a whole realm of colors, lights, and moods begin to appear. If you’re not completely satisfied with your nighttime images, the video below will help you transform them from boring to awesome with a few quick adjustments.

In this Lightroom tutorial, the Swiss photographer known as Yuri Fineart demonstrates a simple approach to editing night photos, using color controls, selective adjustments, and highlight/shadow sliders. Give these techniques a try and you’ll be very pleased with the results.

While Yuri applies his edits to an underwhelming cityscape shot, this approach is equally effective with landscape scenes and other photos captured after dark. You’ll see him play with contrast, color temperature, split toning, and vibrance, and learn how to clean up the whites in an image for a really nice look.

After adding a bit of vignetting to draw attention to the center of his image, all that’s left is to sit back and admire the results. You can find more great videos on the YuriFineart YouTube channel, and be sure to read the tutorial we posted earlier with some great tips for nighttime photography.