Leaf AFi Medium-Format Digital Camera

Leaf has announced the new Leaf AFi -- a next-generation, medium-format digital camera. Specifically designed for high-resolution digital photography, the Leaf AFi product line is comprised of three models: Leaf AFi 7, Leaf AFi 6 and Leaf AFi 5. The Leaf AFi offers up to 70 images per minute, combined with a very large, ergonomically-designed screen and body. It incorporates the latest Schneider Autofocus Digital (AFD) lenses. These lenses have been specifically created for use with 30+ MP digital camera backs -- offering optimal focus while making the best use of high-resolution CCD sensors. Based on a newly-designed ergonomic camera body, the Leaf AFi offers myriad unique features, including:

· Changeable viewfinder system (waist level or 90°/prism view)
· Specially designed Schneider-Kreuznach digital lenses for speed and sharp images
· Adjustable control grip provides ergonomically optimal angles for different shooting positions
· Switching between portrait and landscape by turning only the camera back; no need to turn the camera

The Leaf AFi will be available in late 2007.

For more information: www.leafamerica.com