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June 2010

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Welcome to our mid-year photo gear roundup, featuring the newest products from the top US photo trade show, PMA (Photo Marketing Association). We assembled a team of reporters to cover the show to bring you the latest and greatest gear coming your way in 2010. As you’ll see, we’ve explored new products in just about every category, from cameras to gadgets and more.


26 Digital Help
Q&A For Digital Photography
by David B. Brooks

30 Digital Innovations
Highlights From The Photo Marketing Association Show
by Joe Farace

48 New Photographic Products For 2010
Our Annual Report On The Tools Of The Craft
by Editor

48 2010’s Latest Digital Cameras
Redefining The Digital Capture Experience
by Joe Farace

68 Interchangeable Lenses
Fast And Small, And Macros, Too
by Jack Neubart

76 Portable Flash And Lighting Accessories
Light On The Go
by Robert E. Mayer

88 Studio Lighting
Strobe, Hot Lights, And Digital
by Jack Neubart

88 Memory & Storage
A New SD Format
by Jon Canfield

90 Software Updates
Plug-Ins, Browsers, And HDR
by Jon Canfield

94 Printers & Paper
Portable Printers For Event Photographers
by Jon Canfield

96 Digital Frames
Display And Sharing Gets Connected
by Jack Neubart

102 Camera Luggage
Backpacks Plus Sling, Messenger, And Shoulder Bags
by Jack Neubart

105 Tripods, Monopods, And Heads
This Year The Focus Is On Travel-Worthy Support
by Jack Neubart

112 New Studio Accessories
Props, Backdrops, And More
by Robert E. Mayer

116 Gadgets & Accessories
The “Other” Stuff We All Love
by Robert E. Mayer

122 Weird & Wonderful
Gadgets Galore
by Robert E. Mayer

176 Help!
Q&A For Traditional Photography
by Robert E. Mayer


24 Business Trends
Copyright & Contracts
by Maria Piscopo

134 Pro’s Choice
David Allan Brandt’s Global Portraits
by Jack Neubart

138 People At Work
John Siskin’s On The Job
by John Siskin


10 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

20 Talking Pictures
“Morning Ritual”
by Mary Lou Johnson

126 New Photography Gallery At Denver Art Museum
Exposure: Photos From The Vault Opens April 30, 2010
by Staff

128 Book Excerpt: The Changing Range Of Light
Portraits Of The Sierra Nevada
by Elizabeth Carmel

167 Prints Are Precious
Or, In Praise Of The Shoebox
by Frances E. Schultz


8 Editor’s Notes
22 In Memoriam
160 Trade Shows
161 Workshops