July Table Of Contents

On The Cover
In this month’s issue we have lab test reports on two ends of the camera spectrum, the Pentax Q and the Nikon D800. The D800 will come in two versions, one without a low-pass filter, so we thought it a good time to also explore the low-pass debate and what might be ahead for digital cameras. We also look at a sampling of new gear, from lighting to lenses to software. New: Check out web-exclusive tests at www.shutterbug.com.


34 Roundup
Covering The Photo Beat
by C.A. Boylan

40 Digital Innovations
Time To Make Some Photographs
by Joe Farace

46 Digital Help
Q&A For Digital Photography
by David B. Brooks

68 Show Report: Digicams: The Class Of 2012
Wi-Fi, CMOS, Long Zooms Grab Center Stage
by Jack Neubart

74 Show Report: Intriguing Gadgets
From Clever Devices To Unusual Objects
by Robert E. Mayer

82 Ilford Galerie RC Inkjet Media
Smooth Gloss, Smooth Pearl & Smooth Lustre Duo
by George Schaub

86 Sigma 85mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM
A Fast, Full-Frame Prime
by Steve Bedell

96 HDR Expose 2 And 32 Float v2 Plug-In
When You’re Serious About HDR
by Jack Neubart

132 To Low Pass Or Not To Low Pass
The Optical Low-Pass Filters Debate Has Been Ongoing For More Than A Decade
by Christopher Dack

Image Tech

56 Pentax Q
Lab Test Results & Comments
Edited by George Schaub

60 Nikon D800
Lab Test Results & Comments
Edited by George Schaub


48 JTL Digit-eBox
A Self-Contained Tabletop Studio
by Jack Neubart


108 Eye Contact
Ron Magill’s Behavioral Analysis
by Barry Tanenbaum

112 Business Trends
Staff Jobs For Photographers
by Maria Piscopo

116 Book Excerpt: The Luminous Portrait
Capture The Beauty Of Natural Light For Glowing, Flattering Photographs
by Elizabeth Messina with Jacqueline Tobin; Foreword by Ulrica Wihlborg


14 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

24 Talking Pictures
Parisian Café
by K. Preiss

26 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

30 On The Road
Killer Color
by Maynard Switzer

104 The Photography Of Orest Macina
Seeing The Magic In Macro
by Lou Jacobs Jr.

152 Book Reviews
Latest Photo Books Reviewed
by C.A. Boylan


12 Editor’s Notes
139 Trade Shows
139 Workshops

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