It’s Time To Take Some Photos Without a Lens

Now is the time for all good photographers to set aside their high-tech digital cameras and exotic lenses—at least for a day or two—in preparation for next month’s Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (WPPD). This thirteenth-annual event occurs on April 28, and everyone is invited to participate.

As most of you know, pinhole cameras have no lens and photos are taken through a small hole; about the size of a pin. Any light-tight container can be used to make your own “camera” and even something as simple as a soup can or shoe box will do. You can find simple instructions on making and using your primitive camera at Once you’ve created your masterpiece, upload it to the site’s gallery for others to enjoy.

You will also find information on the WPPD website regarding locally organized workshops, symposiums and other events taking place in conjunction with this increasingly popular annual event. In 2001, 291 photographers from 24 countries participated, while last year 3,865 photographers from 74 countries took part in WPPD.

The folks at WPPD explain “the world seen through the little hole is timeless, silent, enchanted; and the photographic result is magical.” As they say, this is the photography of patience, of meditation, with no more anguish for an out-of-focus or “badly turned out” photo.” So get started, post some images, and have fun!