Interfit– Estend Fluorescent Range With Super Cool-lite 9

Interfit has announced the new Super Cool-lite 9, adding to the versatile Cool-lite range. The new Super Cool-lite 9 will be available as a single head or as twin headed kits. The major benefits of the Super Cool-lite 9 are the 9 x 28 watt energy efficient and flicker free daylight balanced lamps. Being cool to touch lamps makes them ideal when photographing children or for food photography. Giving the equivalent 1000 watts of tungsten lamps, each head has five switches enabling combinations of lamps to be turned on or off so you can control your lighting with ease. Each head is complete with a newly developed Octobox, perfect for portraits, and a new lightweight high contrast reflector that ensures you can use the SC9 in virtually any type of studio, small or large.

The MSRP is $279.99 for a single head INT216 with 1 x head, 1 x 76cm (30") Octobox and 1 x 48cm (19") High contrast reflector. Also available is a Twin head kit INT217 for $559.00 with the addition of 2 x COR751 Air damped stands and 2 x INT216 heads.

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